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Financial & Retirement Planning Fees

<span style="color: #003366;">Basic Financial Plan</span>

Basic Financial Plan

Typically families and professionals that have not previously created a financial plan and are looking for guidance in developing a coordinated strategy to obtain their short, medium, and long-term goals.  These clients typically are in the early stages of building and acquiring financial assets.

Flat Fee: $500-$1,000
(Based on estimated time and scope of work)

<span style="color: #003366;">Comprehensive Financial or Retirement Plan</span>

Comprehensive Financial or Retirement Plan

Pre-Retirees:  These clients are typically 5-10 years from retirement, have been building wealth, have retirement goals in mind, and are looking for the confidence in knowing that they can live comfortably when they do decide retire.

Retirees:  These clients are already retired or semi-retired.  Generally, these clients would like to know that their current retirement income plan is optimal for their needs. Often times these clients currently have an advisor of some kind, however they are unhappy with their current level of service or are looking for a second opinion.

Professionals and Families:  These clients are typically executives, business owners, and families that are well established in their careers and have a desire to coordinate retirement planning, education planning, insurance needs, investment management, and charitable giving.

Flat Fee: $1,000-$5,000
(Based on estimated time and scope of work) 

<span style="color: #003366;">Business Plan or Advanced Financial Plan</span>

Business Plan or Advanced Financial Plan

Business Planning:  Clients that own a business, or are partners in a business, often times have unique circumstances that require coordinating both personal and business goals.  These clients are looking for a plan that addresses a their personal retirement, education, insurance, investment, and estate goals; as well as incorporates business goals such as executive benefits, key-employee planning, succession planning, retirement plans, health insurance, and other employee benefits.

Advanced Planning:  In addition to the typical areas of focus for financial planning, some clients require more complex planning that may include special needs planning, charitable giving strategies, and legacy & estate planning.

Flat Fee: $1,000-$5,000
(Based on estimated time and scope of work)