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Investment Management

No one can predict the future.

No one can consistently forecast the direction of the stock markets, interest rates, or how financial markets will respond to changes in the global economy.  At Columbia Strategic Wealth Advisors we believe that keeping focus on your specific goals, along with proper investment planning and management, better positions our clients to achieve their objectives in the long-term.

We use an investment planning and management process incorporating multiple steps to best advise you and offer portfolio advice.

1) Understand You and Your Goals. 
     - Create a clear picture of your complete financial situation and goals.

2) Select an Investment Strategy
     - We take a holistic approach by evaluating all of your assets. Based on your tolerance for risk and time-frame for your investments, we develop a customized investment strategy for your short, mid, and long-term goals.  

3) Execute Your Investment Strategy
     - Once your investment strategy is in place, we select managers and investments that best suit your needs.  

4) Monitor Your Portfolio
     - We monitor your portfolio on an ongoing basis to ensure that your investments stay in-line with your plan, and conduct periodic reviews to incorporate any changes to your goals and risk tolerance. 

All investments involve risk - including the potential for losses. Selecting an appropriate investment strategy does not guarantee a particular result. Individual results will vary.